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First Date

After picking up my bike last week, I was itching to ride! I finally got the chance a couple of days later and chose a nice, mellow trail called “Moe’s Misery”. It’s just a quick in and out trail, perfect for days when you want to go for a quick ride. I was also getting over a nasty bug so I didn’t want anything too strenuous since I had a bigger ride planned for the weekend. The beginning of the ride I had the trail to myself which was perfect for getting a feel for the bike, although it felt … Continue Reading »

The bike has landed…

Finally a happy Monday! I stopped in at my local bike shop, Simon’s Cycles, and discovered my bike had arrived! And better yet, Simon assembled it while I was there so I got to watch my new baby being built. The box… A quick peek to see a glimpse of my new baby… Almost looks like a bike… The master at work… Finished product… (Bike pack and bottle holder were added by Colin, love that they match!) A big thanks to Simon! (Check out those awesome glasses!) I’ll be taking it out for it’s maiden ride later this week. Stay … Continue Reading »

Boxing Day Ride

We recently had an inversion here which meant we were getting rain in town while the mountains were getting sun. There were also reports of rain in the mountains so I was hoping that the snow level had risen high enough to reach some of our all mountain trails… With most of us having Boxing Day off, I sent out a memo to a few friends and six of us were ready to ride. Half way up we realized the snow level wasn’t as high as we had hoped but decided to give it a go anyway. We ended up … Continue Reading »

IMBA Trail Day – Canadian Style

Okay, I’ll admit it… I enjoy a good trail (who doesn’t??) but I’m one of those people who rides the trails vs builds them and judging by the amount of people who show up for trail days in Cumberland, I’m not the only one! So when I heard that IMBA was coming to town to show us how to Design and Maintain Sustainable Trails I decided it was time to learn more about trail building and maintenance. I was also hoping to earn some trail karma… The day started with an in-class session where we were shown a presentation that … Continue Reading »

Hello from Canada!

I thought I’d write a quick post to introduce myself as one of the new members of the Trail Crew from Canada. I’m pretty stoked to be here! I’ll be riding a 2012 Safire Comp, which should be arriving any day now… Home is Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada which is part of the Comox Valley on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We’re lucky to be able to ride for most of the year, and luckier still, we have a choice of trails that range from gnarly downhill runs to buff singletrack. My favourite trails are technical “all-mountain” trails and … Continue Reading »

Best Birthday EVER!


It was my birthday yesterday and we decided to hire Island Mountain Rides and do some sweet shuttles on Forbidden Plateau to celebrate last Saturday. Martin was our guide for the day and it was great to step aside and…